Step 1 - follow the link to go to site


Step 2 - Fill the above spaces and Register


Step 3 - Then you will get the above page

fill the spaces with the verification code you received to your mail address
Usually verification code will take 5-10 minutes
Check your “Junk Mails/ Spam Mails” usually it goes to junk mails
Put the verification code and then confirm the registration


Step 4 - Then you will direct to above page


Step 5 - Select the hotel as above

We are competing under question 43 – Leading Luxury Hotel.


Step 6

 Again we are competing under number 53 – Leading CSR program
Select above 02 categories.
Also if you wish to vote further, pls vote for Under country Category for Sri Lanka.
Then click on “CAST” button


Finally you will receive the above page saying your vote has been submitted.
Please spread this among the staff and your friends to get more votes for Royal Palms Beach Hotel.