Donations for Beruwala Church

Royal Palms Beach Hotel donated some of discarded curtains to renovated church in the area. Most of the employees are represent the Church, Beruwala and it was pleasure to them to have a donation from their employer.


Dinning etiquettes training to students of Boswell College

We have facilitate the school children of the area by providing the training on dinning etiquettes on request of their principals and the program was very successful.


Beach Cleaning Campaigns

Every month Royal Palms Beach Hotel carrying out beach cleaning campaigns to make sure the beach is clean and nice always. All departments of the hotel are participating to this event and most of villagers also joining hands on this days with the hotel staff.



Toursim Awareness Meeting for the Hoteliers of Kalutara Area


Donation to Pallegoda Estate people

Human Resources Department mix

  • Acc
  • F.O
  • F&B
  • H/K
  • Laundry
  • Driver
  • Maint
  • Kit
  • Kit. Stewd
  • Garden

Human Resources Department mix

  • Female
  • Male

Staff Mix

  • Contract
  • Naita
  • Hotel School
  • Supervisor
  • Executive
  • Clerical

Recruitment, Training and Development, Performance Appraisals and Reward Scheme Recruitment process is an important part of Human Resource Management. It isn’t done without proper strategic planning. Recruitment is a process that provides the hotel with a pool of qualified job candidates from which to choose. Royal Palms implement proper staffing plans and forecast to determine how many staff we need. The basis of the forecast will be the annual budget of the hotel and the short to long term plans of the hotel.

Internal factors that might determine when forecasting staffing of the hotel.
– The budget cons trains
– Expected or trend of employee separation
– Production levels
– Sales increases and decreases
– Expansion on activities within the hotel

External factors that might determine when forecasting staffing of the hotel.
– Change in technology
– Change in laws
– Unemployment rate
– Shifts in population
– Shifts in urban, suburban and rural areas
– Competition


Staff loan scheme

– Staff welfare shop
– Art Competition for children of Staff
– Welfare family trip
– Staff family day outing
– Staff new year program
– Easy payment scheme
– Health campaigns
– O/L examination scholarship program


19th Anniversary Celebration of Royal Palms

Royal Palms Beach Hotel proudly celebrated it’s 19th year of Hospitality industry on 04th October 2014. Multi religious activities and tree planting campaign were taken place on this date.